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[sticky post] Master Fic List

This list was reformatted in March 2012. All of my links now go to AO3, which is where I'll be posting everything in future.

If you prefer to read on Livejournal, most fics posted before January 2012 are also on here. Take a look at the tag list, where you'll find everything tagged by character, continuity and (for the longer fics) series.

I will no longer be updating anything on ff.net because of the way the site messes with formatting.

Scroll down to the bottom for my Transformative Works Policy (see here for info on what this is about).

About the fics

This is a complete list of all my fanfiction. Everything is listed by continuity, then in chronological order. I write out-of-order, so if you'd like updates it's best to watch or subscribe on AO3, or watch lost_carcosa.

If you spot a typo or other error, I always appreciate being told so that I can fix it. I use British English.

naboru_narluin also writes for the Dysfunction AU, hence some of her fics appear in the first list :D


G1 cartoon: Dysfunction AU

NB: The Dysfunction AU doesn't have sticky smut, because it was never invented there. It does have a whole range of other kinds though, including plug and play, energy fields, tactile and harmonics. Mechs have laser cores and no sparks in this setting.

These fics mainly focus on the Combaticons, but there are plenty about other characters too, especially the Protectobots, Grimlock and the Technobots.

Pre-Earth, mostly set on Cybertron

Online, Vortex, Spinister, OCs, PG-13.
The tale of Vortex's origins and early life. Contains references to slash, references to violence and murder, and liberal use of OCs. 7 chapters, ongoing.

Quandary - Or How Blast Off learnt to like Rotaries by naboru_narluin, Blast Off/OC, implied smut.

Open the cargo bay door, Blast Off, Blast Off, Hydrix (OC organic tentacle alien), gen/crack, PG.

Not Anyone's Martyr, Blast Off, gen, PG.

Neverwhere, by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, genfic, PG (one of my favourite fics ever :D).

Loose Ends, Onslaught, Vortex, OC ensemble, darkly comic, R.

At the Vos Air Show, Blast Off/Mirage, PG-13.

Nothing to Make it Bearable, by naboru_narluin , Blast Off, darkfic, PG-13.

Ten Vorn Anniversary, Vortex, OCs, haunted asylum, dark, crack, R.

When Vortex met Swindle, Vortex, Swindle, OCs, hint of slash, hint of smut, drinking, cracky, darkish, PG-13.

Credit, Brawl, Onslaught, mention of Swindle and Vortex, PG, crack, drabble.

Lawful Infringement, Vortex, Raze, OCs, first person, darkfic, undercover cop, PG-13.

Clash, by naboru_narluin , Blast Off/Onslaught, Vortex, Brawl, smut, R.

Needs, Onslaught/Vortex, R.

The first time Blast Off walked in on Vortex and regretted it, Blast Off, Vortex, unnamed OC, light smut, crack, R.

Question and Answer, Vortex/Blast Off, slash, fluff, PG-13.

Adventures in Kaon, Vortex/OC, Brawl, ensemble, R.

Friends in Other Places, Swindle, OCs, Blast Off, genfic, PG.

Fifteen Credits, Rotorbolt, Telus, Swindle, Vortex, Brawl, gen, PG-13.

Ready for Lift Off by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Onslaught, unnamed shuttle OC, PG.

Welcome Back by naboru_narluin, Onslaught/Blast Off, PG-13.

Loyalty, Onslaught, Vortex, gen, PG-13.

It's an Alpha Thing, Vortex, Blast Off, gen, PG.

Blast Off and Vortex go to Vos, Blast Off/Vortex, OCs, offscreen smut, abduction and murder, crack, PG-13.

The Unfortunate Demise of Agent Floodlight, Onslaught, Vortex, Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle, OC: Hardwire(Floodlight), graphic violence, murder mystery/crime drama, R.

Personnel, Blast Off/Vortex, OCs, PG-13.

Testing Ground by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Vortex, OC: Skycraze, PG-13. Follows on from Personnel.

Assessment, Vortex, OC: Skycraze, PG-13. Follows on from Testing Ground.

Testing, Blast Off and Brawl, implied Vortex/Blast Off, cracky genfic, PG-13, flashfic.

The Tragic Tale of Shiny and Slag-for-Chips, first person POV, Vortex, OCs, implied noncon, dark themes, PG-13.

The second time Blast Off walked in on Vortex and Regretted it, Blast Off, Vortex, OC: Shiny (Driveshaft), OC: Slag-for-Chips, implied noncon, implied torture, murder, dark themes, R.

Five Joors, companion piece to 'The Tragic Tale of Shiny and Slag-for-Chips', Vortex, OC: Slag-for-Chips, OC: Driveshaft, implied noncon, slavery, dark themes, R.

Swindle's Petro-bunny Legion of Doom, Swindle, Vortex, Blast Off, cracky genfic, PG-13.

Contraband, Vortex, Blast Off, Swindle, crack, implied violence, death of an unnamed Quintesson, alien gore, PG-13 - sequel to 'Swindle's Petro-bunny Legion of Doom'.

Hyper-8 Nova, Blast Off/Vortex, OC, fluff, crack, R.

Catch-up, Vortex, Spinister, PG-13.

Weatherbeaten by naboru_narluin, Combaticons, PG, gen, action, comedy.

Like Petrorabbits by naboru_narluin, PG-13, Blast Off/Vortex, Brawl, crack.

Lie Down by naboru_narluin, NC-17, Blast Off/Vortex, PWP, BDSM.

Chill, Blast Off, Vortex, PG, fluff.

Sure, you got it in there..., Swindle, Vortex, Blast Off, genfic, G.

Remnants, Onslaught, Swindle, PG-13.

Home Early, Blast Off/Vortex, smut, R.

Deep Space Daydreaming by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, gen, PG.

Danse Macabre, Mirage, Elita One, gen, PG.

Facing War by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Onslaught, PG.

Sunset by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, gen, PG-13.

Blame, Vortex, mention of Onslaught, Megatron, Swindle and Brawl, genfic, PG-13, flashfic.

Set on Earth, pre-movie

A Mech's Gotta Dream, Ratchet, Sparkplug, Spike, Chip, G, drabbleish.

Prompt Response Drabble, Megatron, Soundwave, Hook, gen, PG-13.

In which boredom counts as motivation, Skywarp, PG, implied Soundwave/Blaster, crack, flashfic.

Flying, Bumblebee, genfic with implied slash, PG.

First Time Prompt Response: Motormaster, Megatron/Motormaster, R.

Mentor, Prowl, Wheeljack, Ratchet, mention of Protectobots and others, fluff, G.

First Time Prompt Response: First Aid, First Aid, Groove, Blades, Streetwise, Hot Spot, R, fluff.

Playing with Prisoners, Blast Off, Vortex/Starscream, Shockwave, light smut, crack, R.

Welcome Back II by naboru_narluin, Onslaught/Blast Off, R.

Request ficlet, First Aid/Blades, implied Protectobot fivesome, smut, fluff, R.

Taking one for the Team, Combaticons, R for smut and violence, warning for implied attempted noncon.

Idle by naboru_narluin, Dead End, Breakdown, fluff, PG.

on His Knees, Onslaught and Motormaster, Megatron and Starscream, genfic, R for graphic violence.

Attention, Follows on from 'Taking one for the Team'), one-sided Drag Strip/Vortex, ensemble, R overall, crack with a bit of smut and some violence. 7 chapters, complete.

Versus by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Motormaster, Thundercracker, gen, PG-13.

Unaccustomed feeling (follows on from 'Attention'), Blast Off/Vortex, cracky shippy angsty fic, PG-13.

Reconciliation (follows on from 'Unaccusomed Feeling'), Blast Off/Vortex, smutty character study, R.

Disassembled, Combaticons, set directly after B.O.T., dark, torture, PG-13.

The Wrong Energon, Blast Off, Vortex, Onslaught, crack, PG-13.

Scavenger's Bright Idea, Bruticus, Scavenger, Starscream, Megatron, Onslaught, ensemble, fluff, crack, dead jellyfish, PG.

Sunrise in Space, Blast Off, Vortex, mention of Swindle, follows on from 'Disassembled', references 'Unaccustomed Feeling' and 'Taking One for the Team', dark, gen, PG-13.

Proof of Trust by naboru_narluin, Blast Off and Onslaught, PG.

Caring, Brawl, Soundwave, gen, G.

Comfort, Hot Spot/First Aid, fluff, drabbleish, lap kink, R.

Shuttles Gone Wild! by naboru_narluin, Blast Off/Vortex, crack, PG.

Room for One, Bruticus, Devastator, crack/gen, PG.

Pressure, Vortex and Swindle, dark, PG-13, flashfic.

Mind Blown by naboru_narluin, Blast Off/Vortex, Dead End, PG-13.

Not the Little Mermaid, Brawl, Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Vortex, crack, PG, drabble.

Oil Slick, Blast Off, Vortex, Blades, ensemble, PG-13, humour/genfic.

Scorch Mark by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Vortex, PG.

Swindle the giant alien robot piñata, Swindle, Fireflight, Brawl and Blast Off, PG, genfic/humour.

Playground by naboru_narluin, Vortex, Blast Off, Blades, sexual harassment, PG-13.

On Logistics and Huge Cargo by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Swindle, Vortex, gen, crack, PG.

Brawl's Fault by naboru_narluin, Combaticons, comedy, gen, PG.

The Unfortunate Squishy Incident, by naboru_narluin , Blast Off and Vortex, NC-17, a bit smutty, very gory, and great fun :D

Twister, Blades/Vortex, Combaticons, Protectobots, ensemble, R.
Contains noncon, sexual harassment, the contents of Vortex's dirty mind, violence, nonconsensual medical procedure, and crack. 15 Chapters, complete.

Sequel to 'Twister', Vortex/First Aid, Decepticon ensemble, NC-17, abduction, noncon, dark themes, please heed the content advice at the top of each chapter, as this includes potentially triggering material. 8 chapters, ongoing.

Bonus scene for Chapter 2 of Recall: Drive and Hide, Motormaster, Breakdown, PG, fluff.

Two Tanks, Brawl, Long Haul and Scrapper, humour, PG, drabble.

Runaway by naboru_narluin, Blast Off and Onslaught, smut, R.

The gestalt bond and other problems, Blast Off, Long Haul, ensemble, PG, genfic/friendship.

The Things That Go Unsaid by naboru_narluin, Combaticons, ensemble, dark, PG-13.

Mutual Benefit, bonus scene for 'The Gestalt Bond and Other Problems'. Occurs directly after the end of the first scene. Onslaught/Vortex, NC-17, consensual PWP, a bit of light BDSM.

Leave the Lights On by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle, ensemble, comedy, fluff, PG.

Saturn, by naboru_narluin, Swindle, Blast Off, gen, PG.

Just Hiding, by naboru_narluin, Blast Off/Vortex, PG-13, light smut.

Resonate, Soundwave/Brawl, crack, PWP, harmonic interfacing, R.

Glitched, Blast Off, Onslaught/Vortex, R, implied consensual BDSM, co-dependent relationships, dark themes, verbal abuse, please heed the warnings.

Spiegel im Spiegel by naboru_narluin, Vortex, Blast Off, P (part 2 features SG Vortex and SG Blast Off, and is part of naboru's Disillusion AU).

Surprisingly Unexpected by naboru_narluin, Blast Off, Vortex, Swindle, gen, comedy, innuendo, PG-13.

Coming Down by naboru_narluin, PG, Blast Off and Onslaught.

One Fine Day by naboru_narluin, R, Blast Off/Vortex, smut, angst.

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd by naboru_narluin, PG, Blast Off, Onslaught, Vortex, PG.

Basking, Swindle, Brawl, Blitzwing, Onslaught, crack, PG.

Vortex is a good copter by naboru_narluin, Vortex, Blast Off, Fireflight, PG.

Set during or after TFTM

Revenge is a dish best served outside the view of witnesses, Vortex, Shockwave, graphic violence and gore, torture, non-sexual p'n'p rape, implied snuff, R.

Those Left Behind, Grimlock, Wheelie, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, genfic, PG-13, warning for canonically dead robots, flashfic.

Inventory, Arcee, genfic, PG-13, warning for canonically dead robots, drabble.

Matrix, Ultra Magnus, Rodimus, PG, introspective gen, flashfic.
Charr 1: Boredom, Vortex, Swindle, Blast Off, genfic, PG, drabble-ish.
Charr 2: Space Romance, Blast Off, Vortex, interfacing, slash, R.
Charr 3: Temper, Combaticons, genfic, PG-13, flashfic.

Monitor Duty, Blast Off and Brawl, humour, PG, drabble.

Sheer Naked Boom, Swindle, Vortex, Onslaught, Brawl, PG, flashfic.

Downtime, Brawl, Predacons, PG-13.

Rest, Combaticons, (slightly fluffy) genfic, PG, flashfic.

On the Desk, Vortex/Brawl, Wheelie, innuendo, interrogation, slashy, PG-13.

Fluorine Moon by naboru_narluin, PG, Blast Off and Onslaught.

Things Grimlock Gave Us, Technobots, Grimlock, Perceptor, ensemble, fluff/friendship/crack, PG.

The quest for Batman's missing head, Daniel, Grimlock, Scattershot, First Aid, Carly, fluffy crack, G.

Sandstorm's Plan to Boost Morale, Ultra Magnus, Lightspeed, Afterburner, First Aid, Sandstorm, flashfic, crack, PG-13.

Fear of the Dark, Terrorcons, gen, crack, PG-13.

Interrogating the Interrogator, Vortex, Springer, First Aid, Blades, graphic violence, torture, darkfic, R. 2 chapters, complete. Refers to Recall.

Planning, Onslaught, Razorclaw, gen, PG-13.

Nostalgia, Vortex, Blast Off, PG.

Homecoming, Terrorcons, Ma-Grrr, OCs, PG-13.

Grimlock prompt responses, Grimlock, ensemble, crack, PG-13, drabbles (lots of them!).

Me Grimlock make mistake, another Grimlock prompt response, Grimlock and Technobots, G, drabble(ish).

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by naboru_narluin
(This is seriously one of my favourite fics ever :D)
Vortex, Blast Off, Brawl, horror, SF, aliens, violence, adventure, PG-13, complete.

50 sentences: Bruticus, Bruticus, Combaticons, violence, gore, hint of slash, PG-13, set of micro-fics. This is listed at the end because there's stuff in here from all over the timeline, and it's not in chronological order.

Vortex and the Magic 8 Ball, Vortex, Blast Off, Swindle, Brawl, the Magnificence, crack, PG-13. This one's listed at the end because it's a cracky AU of the AU and doesn't fit in the main continuity.

Decepticam AU

The Decepticam AU has sticky smut, but it doesn't have mechpreg. In this setting, sticky hardware was invented purely for pleasure, and has no other function. Other methods of interfacing also exist, but not sparksex - as with the Dysfunction AU, the characters have laser cores rather than sparks.

Business Lunch, Swindle, Vortex, PG-13, implied assassination and snuff, crack.

First Time Prompt Response: Onslaught, Onslaught, Greenlight, OC: Cascade, NC-17, consensual sticky.

Consequences, Swindle, Vortex, unnamed OC, PG-13, implied assassination and snuff, crack, sequel to Business Lunch.

First Time Prompt Response: Blaster, Soundwave/Blaster, NC-17, p'n'p and sticky, consensual and about as romantic as I'll ever write.

Sexy Costume Megatron/Starscream, drabble, crack, PG-13.

Cracky genfic, focus on Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave, ensemble, R. 3 Chapters, ongoing.

Sunstreaker the Happy Voyeur, Sunstreaker, Skyfire/Sideswipe, explicit sticky smut, voyeurism, masturbation, a touch of dubcon (only because Skyfire doesn’t know they’re being watched. The smut itself is all perfectly consensual), PWP, NC-17.

Onslaught's Awesome Day
A set of 24 ficlets (when complete) detailing a day in the life of the Combaticon commander. 2 chapters, ongoing.

Alone in the Ark Vortex/Bumblebee, implied Blast Off/Vortex, Teletraan One, NC-17, sticky smut, PWP. 3 chapters, possibly ongoing.

Making Movies, Swindle, Vortex, Onslaught, ensemble, NC-17, cracky smut. Sequel to Business Lunch and Consequences.

Screwing for Peace, Sandstorm, Blades, mention of Vortex, very mild R, talk of smut, crack.

Side Effects
Vortex/First Aid, Groove, hand fetish, damage/repair fetish (kinda), accidental tactile, Vortex’s dirty mind, dubcon, cocercion and explicit sticky, tactile and energy field smut, NC-17, 3 chapters, complete.

Cross-faction Crack, Vortex/Air Raid, Fireflight, non-explicit consensual sticky smut, R.

Team Player, Vortex/Brawl/Swindle, NC-17, sticky, hint of dubcon, rough, spanking, voyeurism.

Plausible Deniability, Vortex, Brawl, Onslaught, PG-13, mention of interfacing and violence, crack.

Parts that spin, Swindle/Vortex, R, consensual sticky smut, crack, bondage, non-consensual tickling.

Playing With Terrorcons

1. Tribute, Sixshot, Blot, OC, crack, dying organic, PG-13.

2. Negotiations, Vortex/Swindle, Hun-Grr, mention of Sixshot and Blot, explicit sticky and plug-n-play smut, crack, NC-17.

3. The Plight of the Official Observer, Vortex/Blot, Vortex/Swindle, Sixshot/Onslaught/Vortex, non-explicit sticky, crack, R.

ayngelcat's Substitute AU

What Happens on Ganthis Stays on Ganthis, Vortex/Smokescreen, mention of Smokescreen/Swindle, explicit consensual sticky, public sex, sex with a drone, drinking, gambling, NC-17. This follows on directly from Chapter 6 of ayngelcat’s Uninvited Guest series.

Other G1 Fics
(These don't relate to each other unless stated)

Euphoria, Vortex/First Aid, OCs, ensemble, metrotitan pleasure palace AU, sticky, NC-17.

Frame Memory, Spinister, Needlenose, gen/fluff, PG.

First Times, kinkmeme response, Smokescreen/Prowl, NC-17, sticky, coercion/dubcon as well as consensual smut, Smokey as a high class prostitute/practical sexual therapist.

Cybertron Day, Optimus/ Ratchet/Jazz, Skyfire/Optimus, pwp, consensual sticky smut, sizekink, mini-orgy.

Involuntary Celibacy, kinkmeme response, Onslaught/Vortex, NC-17, sticky smut, crack.

A Practical Demonstration, Onslaught/Motormaster, NC-17, sticky, crack.

Any Last Requests?, kinkmeme response, Vortex/Powerglide, NC-17, sticky smut, character death, darkfic, graphic gore.

The Wages of Compassion, Vortex/First Aid, NC-17, spark bonding, explicit consensual and nonconsensual sticky and non-sticky interfacing, multiple side pairings, darkfic, major character death, 106,000 words, complete.

Swindled, Smokescreen/Vortex, M, prequel to Make Love Not War.

Wish You Were Here, Blast Off/Mirage, phone sex, tactile and p'n'p, prequel to Make Love Not War.

Make Love Not War, Combaticons/Protectobots, multiple side pairings, major character death, crack, R.

Rain, Vortex/First Aid, kinkmeme response, explicit sticky, unhealthy dynamic (at first, and questionable at the end), consent issues, noncon shading to talk of rape fantasy. Potential trigger: rape/sexual assault. NC-17.

Responsibility, sequel to 'Rain', Vortex/First Aid, sticky, nonsticky, angst, set of 130 microfics, NC-17. Also contains flashfic epilogue.

A Little Light Roleplay on a Dull Afternoon, set after Rain and Responsibilty, Vortex/First Aid, sticky, pet play, NC-17.

Mind Games and Dream Fragments, Vortex/First Aid, sticky, hard dubcon/noncon, coercion, angst, NC-17.

Request ficlet, dom!First Aid/sub!Vortex, fluff, R. Fits in with Rain.

Rehabilitation, Vortex, First Aid, Smokescreen, Metroplex, ensemble, gen/angst, PG-13.

The Cityformer and the Triplechanger, Metroplex, First Aid, Scamper, Octane, crack, slash, PG-13.

Four times Cyclonus knelt before Galvatron, and one time he stood, Galvatron/Cyclonus, smut, R, a set of five drabbles.

A Gift from Chaar, Rodimus, Wheelie, Blurr, First Aid, dark, PG-13.

Galvatron in Heat, kinkmeme response. Galvatron/Cyclonus/Trypticon, Brawl, noncon, crack, tentacles, NC-17. one chapter, ongoing.

Waiting for Blast Off, Optimus Prime, Vortex, mild R for suggestive language and mention of interfacing.

Lines, Galvatron/Cyclonus, nonconsensual molestation (due to unconsciousness, if he was awake it would be consensual), mention of BDSM, R.

No Touching, Blast Off/Blades, tactile, very mild R.

Distinguished-looking mechs, SG!Rodimus/Scourge, flirtation, crack, PG-13.

The Quintessons tried to make them do it, Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus, gen (only implied slash if you want to see it that way), PG.

The Quintessons Made Them Do It (Again), Cyclonus/Ultra Magnus, implied intimacy, PG-13.

Attachment, Vortex/First Aid, ensemble, dark, sticky and non-sticky, NC-17.

Corruption, Vortex/First Aid, ensemble, dark, sticky and non-sticky, NC-17. Sequel to Attachment.

The Cybertronian Way, Galvatron/Rodimus Prime, ensemble, non-sticky, consensually rough, dark(ish) and cracky, R.

Seasoning, Terrorcons, drabble, PG-13.

Leaves in the Fall, Blades, Streetwise, human zombies, PG-13.

Ice, Skyfire, mention of Starscream, drabble, PG.

The Morning After, Sunstreaker/Vortex, Sideswipe, sticky, NC-17.

Liaison, Optimus/Starscream, Victorian AU, human holoforms, PG-13.

What you Wish For, Vortex/Dead End, ensemble, very dark, snuff, rape, character death, addiction, NC-17, 68k, complete.

An Alternative Use for the Interrogation Room in Combaticon HQ, Hook/Vortex/Scavenger, BDSM, painplay, sticky, aftercare, NC-17.

Toys, Skywarp, sticky, masturbation, fantasising, NC-17.

Side by Side, Onslaught/Soundwave, sticky, NC-17.

Discipline, Vortex&Megatron, BDSM, p'n'p, R.

Not Alone, Jazz/Smokescreen, p'n'p, h/c, R.

In Celebration of Peace, Skyfire, Astrotrain, sticky, NC-17.

G1 Shattered Glass
All of these are set in or modelled on Naboru's Disillusion AU.

Disillusion AU

Training, Ratchet, First Aid, mention of drug taking, non-consensual medical experiments, drinking, and a bit of vomitousness, PG-13.

Experiment, Blades, First Aid, mention of Ratchet, PG-13.

In the Hall of Dead Decepticons, First Aid, mention of Streetwise, gen, PG-13.

Falling, First Aid, Motormaster, Hook, rated R because the POV character is on drugs.

Empty, First Aid/Blades, Streetwise, R, slash, drugs, medical experimentation.

Other SG fics

First Time Prompt Response: First Aid, Optimus/First Aid, NC-17, noncon, dark themes, nonconsensual administering of an aphrodisiac, sticky, flashfic.

The Adventures of Mirrorverse Vortex
A good version of Vortex from a mirror universe ends up on Earth in the regular G1 'verse. Hijinks and romantic entanglements ensue. Nice!Vortex/Swindle, Nice!Vortex/Blades, Blades/First Aid, Blades/nice!Vortex/First Aid, Vortex/Swindle, explicit sticky, combat violence, PTSD, NC-17, 45k words, complete.

Companion to Ch. 15: Interlude 1 by naboru_narluin, First Aid, sticky masturbation, sexual fantasies regarding a threesome, angst.

Other companion fics:

Interlude II by naboru_narluin, SG First Aid/G1 Vortex, SG Blades, implied drug abuse, intoxication, medical experimentation, BDSM, smut of the sticky variety, voyeurism, NC-17.

Request ficlet, G1 Vortex/SG First Aid, SG Blades, consensual sticky, R.

Strip Poker, SG Vortex/G1 Blades, fluffy shippy crack, PG-13.

(None of these fics relate to each other unless stated)

Emergency Aid, Tailgate, Cyclonus, OC, pre-war, crack, G.

Epidemic, First Aid, dark, gen, PG-13.

Rewind Does Someone He Shouldn't, Rewind/Bob, Rewind/Chromedome, Cyclonus, Sunstreaker, PWP, sticky, bestiality, consent issues, NC-17.

Spark Energy, First Aid, Ambulon, Ratchet, dark, zombiefic, R.

Strange Noises at 2am, Krok, Spinister, Fulcrum, Crankcase, Misfire, drabble, PG.

Bloody Mary, Swerve, Tailgate, ensemble, drabble, PG.

In Which Cyclonus and Tailgate Have a Conversation, Cyclonus, Tailgate, gen/friendship, spoilers for MTMTE #12, G.

Gratitude, Cyclonus/Tailgate, sticky, size kink, spoilers for MTMTE #12, NC-17.

Hands-on Treatment, Whirl/First Aid, Ambulon, spoilers up to issue #12, consensual sticky, medical kink, NC-17.

Agreement, Cyclonus/Tailgate, ensemble, mention of dubcon and violence, tactile and spark sex, hurt/comfort, NC-17.

Avatar, Whirl, Atomizer, G.

We Could, Pipes/Ambulon, fluff, PG-13.

A Quiet Night in, Cyclonus/Tailgate, Autobot ensemble, PG-13, spoilers for MTMTE #21.

Whirl Tries to Help, First Aid, Whirl, spoilers for MTMTE #21, PG-13.

Projector, Vos, Rewind, dark, AU, PG-13.

A Night at Swerve's Bar, Cyclonus/Tailgate, sticky, NC-17.

Wrong, Whirl/Rung, sticky, slave programming, darkfic, rape, NC-17.

Recharge, Whirl&Rung, h/c, therapy, non-erotic p'n'p, fluff, PG-13.

The Safeword is Meringue, Whirl/Rung, crack and fluff, interrogation roleplay, p'n'p, tactile, R.


Indulgence, Megatron/Starscream, Lugnut, implied sticky.

Gimble, Skywarp, PG, genfic, drabble.

Lost for Words, Starscream/Sunstorm, non-explicit sticky smut, R, drabble.

An exercise in Secrecy, Cliffjumper/Shockwave, explicit sticky smut, NC-17.

Logic Dictates, Shockwave/Blurr, ensemble, AU, explicit sticky smut, NC-17.

Say Please, Megatron/Starscream, sticky, NC-17.

Control, Strika/Lugnut, sticky, femmedom, NC-17.


Disillusioned, Starscream, Swindle and Megatron, genfic, PG for violence in the context of training.

In the Captain's Chair, Swindle, masturbation, sticky, NC-17.


One Festival Night, Jazz/Bumblebee, sticky, NC-17.

Retcon, Starscream, Megatron, Soundwave, and the absent presence of The Fallen, PG, oneshot set after the end of RoTF, written to scratch an itch.

Barricade, Bumblebee, Sam, Mikaela, NC-17, kinkmeme response, mech on mech sticky, human/TF tactile, implied human/TF sticky, dark themes. 6 chapters, complete.

Warmth, Megatron, Soundwave, hatchlings, fluff, G.

Mission Objective, Sunspot, fluff, G.

To Be Continued, Soundwave, Starscream, Megatron, Shockwave, Lazerbeak, a hatchling, gen, fix-it fic, my idea of a happy ending for Dark of the Moon, PG-13.

Sunset AU

A Boy and His Dog, set of ten microfics, Miles and Mason (that dog Miles was washing in the first movie), PG, gen, adventure, post-apocalyptic.

Sunset, Miles, Megatron, Starscream, mention of Judy and Mason, gen, post-apocalyptic, PG-13.


First Time Prompt Response: Ratchet, Ratchet/OC: Torque, NC-17, mentor-student relationship, explicit sticky with tentacles.

Before the War, Knock Out, Ratchet, pre-war AU, set of seven microfics, PG-13, implied violence and implied nonconsensual medical procedure.

Arcee: Joining Team Prime, Arcee, Cliffjumper, Optimus, gen, flashfic, PG.

Quiet Moments, Optimus/Ratchet, plug'n'play, melancholy, R.

A trio of fics focusing on Knock Out and Breakdown after the end of episode 11. Part 3 is NC-17.

Wire Wool, Starscream, Soundwave, Knock Out, crack, tentacles, PG.

Ratchet and the Glowing Green Serum Ratchet, ensemble, Ratchet as a Cybertronian Herbert West (from H. P. Lovecraft's 'Herbert West: Re-Animator'), major character death, zombies, PG-13.

Reunion, Megatron/Starscream, sticky, NC-17.

One Night, Knock Out/Breakdown, a melancholy ghost tale for Halloween, PG-13.

Mythos of H P Lovecraft

This gem of a world, Yog Sothoth/Lavinia Whately, PG-13 for implied sexual content in the context of reproduction. Like Retcon, this was written to scratch an itch. If you've seen the end of this film, you'll understand. ;)

Adoration, Nyarlathotep/Azathoth, xeno-smut, PG, drabble.

Obeisance, Nyarlathotep/Yog-Sothoth, xeno-smut, PG-13.

The Violet Light, Keziah Mason, Brown Jenkin, gen, PG-13.

Dredd (2012)

Hunch, Dredd, Anderson, OC, gen, non-graphic description of a murder scene, R.

Event Horizon

Crew, the Event Horizon, flashfic, PG-13.


To Us, Nyarlathotep/Vector Prime, flirting, PG, drabble, crossover between the Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft and TF G1.

When the Stars are Right
R, Horror/SF, warning for major character death, gore and violence. 3 chapters, ongoing, crossover between the Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft and TF G1.

Creepy Little Critters, Swindle, Brawl, PG, crossover between Critters and TF G1.

The Question, Mr Morden, Optimus Prime, PG, gen, crossover between Babylon 5 and TF G1.

Transformative Works Policy

(NB: this applies only to my works; if you want to do something with naboru’s works, please ask her)

Do what makes you happy. That's basically it.

I'm always ridiculously flattered when people write or draw stuff inspired by or based on the stuff I've written.

I like to be credited because my writing tends to go under the radar, and having links back is nice. I also like getting a heads up, but there's no obligation.

Obviously I'd prefer it if no-one went around fixing the mistakes in my fics and re-posting them, 'cause that would suck, but I don't think anyone's about to do that. When you spot a mistake, I'd really appreciate a PM or email about it so I can fix it. My email address is ultharkitty at gmail dot com.

Translations are awesome, provided the original is cited. I'd love a link.

Same with podfics - just credit me for having written it in the first place, and provide a link back to the original. I'd prefer to be told about it so I can tell people who might be interested, but I can be weird about audio, so there are no promises that I'll actually listen to it.


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